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Animal Clinic, Ltd

Dr. Joseph Koch    Dr. Colleen Koch   Dr. Jennifer Banks

Lincoln Land Animal Clinic, Ltd

1150 Tendick
Jacksonville, IL 62650


Our Dream Team

Our health care team is here to serve you and your four legged family members.
We have assembled the best group of people on our team. They provide the doctors with valuable support and we rely on their professionalism.  Without them we would be lost. They are on the cutting edge and take continuing education courses to further their expertise and knowledge; if they do not know an answer they are anxious to find out.

Our team consists of
certified veterinary technicians, veterinary assistants, customer and patient care specialists, and our animal caretakers.

We are now offering
Laser Surgery
Digital Radiographs (Dental and Routine)
Small Mammal/Pocket Pet Medicine and Surgery
Behavioral Counseling

Private training for problem behaviors in dogs, cats, horses and other species

Resident in Behavior Medicine
Graduate of the
Karen Pryor Academy

Lincoln Land Animal Clinic, Ltd.
1150 Tendick Street
Jacksonville, IL 62650

Dr Joseph Koch
Dr Colleen Koch

Dr Jennifer Banks

M-F 7:30am- 5:30 pm
Saturday 8 am- 1pm