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Herd Health

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Herd Health - We offer consultation on herd health for cattle, swine, llamas, alpacas, sheep, goats and buffalo.

Wellness exams - This includes calfhood vaccinations for brucellosis, brucellosis and TB testing for cattle, buffalo and camelids. We do validation testing for swine herds.

In addition we do examinations for health certificates and blood testing as required for animals going to fairs and livestock exhibitions as well as sales.

Herd health at Lincoln Land Animal Clinic, Ltd. Jacksonville, IL 62650. 21-245-9508Herd processing-We offer farm visits to process calves of all ages. This includes such things as vaccinations, deworming, implanting, dehorning, and castration.
For adult animals we will  vaccinate, deworm, apply ear tags and pregnancy check them. We will consult with you on what is the best program for your farm situation.

Sickness exams - We are available for farm visits and consultation for  sickness problems that may arise from respiratory disease, overeating, bloat, weak calf, dystocias and any other problems that may arise.

emergency coverage includes administration of intravenous fluids, treatment for meningeal worm, treatment for choke, heat stroke, overeating disease, polioencephalomalacia, listeriosis, and "failure to thrive" syndrome.

Cattle surgeries, pregancy checks, and herd health checks at Lincoln Land Animal Clinic, Ltd, Jacksonville, IL 62650. 217-245-9508.Surgery services-We offer castration, dehorning, cesarean sections, left displaced abomasum (LDA), abdominal exploratory surgery and lumpectomies.

Pharmacy- We have a fully stocked Large Animal Pharmacy including vaccinations, dewormers, hormones, and various pharmaceuticals to maintain herd health.   

We are now offering
Laser Surgery
Digital Radiographs (Dental and Routine)
Small Mammal/Pocket Pet Medicine and Surgery
Behavioral Counseling

Private training for problem behaviors in dogs, cats, horses and other species

Resident in Behavior Medicine
Graduate of the
Karen Pryor Academy

Lincoln Land Animal Clinic, Ltd.
1150 Tendick Street
Jacksonville, IL 62650

Dr Joseph Koch
Dr Colleen Koch

Dr Jennifer Banks

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