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Lincoln Land Animal Clinic is a large and small animal veterinary practice located in Jacksonville, Illinois.  We provide care for companion animals including cats, dogs, and some pocket pets.  We also provide services for cattle, equine, swine, goats, llamas, etc.  

We advocate the human-animal bond and we know how important your pet is.  Our goal is to provide the highest standard of care during each stage of your pet's life to extend that bond.  Our veterinary team emphasizes educational topics through growth, preventative care, and senior wellness.  Have you ever experienced a visit where the doctor and team members addressed your every concern and truly cared for your pet as their own?  Our staff has a very close relationship with our clients and patients.  We also approach care through the eyes of the patient.  We strive to create a compassionate and stress-free environment so pets enjoy coming to see us!    In addition to the low-stress handling techniques we use in the office, we offer veterinary behavior consultations, behavior modification, and animal training.  We can enrich your bond with your pet by helping to manage basic obedience, pet manners, destructive behaviors, separation anxiety, aggression,  and any other behavior that you consider problematic.

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 Lincoln Land Animal Clinic, LTD Jacksonville, IL 217-245-9508, a full service veterinary clinic

We are now offering
Laser Surgery
Digital Radiographs (Dental and Routine)
Small Mammal/Pocket Pet Medicine and Surgery
Behavioral Counseling

Private training for problem behaviors in dogs, cats, horses and other species

Resident in Behavior Medicine
Graduate of the
Karen Pryor Academy

Lincoln Land Animal Clinic, Ltd.
1150 Tendick Street
Jacksonville, IL 62650

Dr Joseph Koch
Dr Colleen Koch

Dr Jennifer Banks

M-F 7:30am- 5:30 pm
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