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It is not to late to register for the Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association Meeting! (To register  click here).
Dr. Colleen Koch will be presenting 2 lectures on Sunday October 25th on Separation Anxiety and Senior Pet Behavior.
Please Don't Leave Me!!
The stress, anxiety, and or panic that some pets may feel when they are left alone isn't something they learn to just "deal with." It can be a quality of life issue for both the owner and the patient. Ultimately separation anxiety may result in decreased medical care if the patient is so anxious that they are too distressed to be hospitalized when they are sick. This presentation will discuss strategies to identify patients with separation anxiety and how to relieve the patients suffering.
Senior Pet Behavior Problems: How to Help them Feel Golden not Old.
Many senior pets suffer in silence, their problems dissmissed as "they are just getting old." Seemingly mild changes in behavior can indicate underlying medical ad cognitive pathology that may be easily treated. Understanding the behaviro associated with these changes will enable the clinician to identify and treat senior patients early, allowing their last years to be golden.